Hi, this is Skip and Man let me tell you C & D Plating is one of the best places to bring anything you want chrome.  I've been coming here for over 15 years and will never change until they go away.  lol  But that's never gonna happen, because they will be around forever.  With that, awesome work they do!

- Skip


tom sparks


antique  Parts  Restoration - Our  Specialty

C&D Custom Plating and Polishing - 6627 Topper Run, Ste 103 - San Antonio, TX. 78233 - 210-653-5880

Hi,  my name is Tom Sparks, and recently I had some work done at C & D Plating.  And WOW!  What a nice

surprise!  I mean my parts look great and was quite impressed - though I have been fooled by other plating shops and here they explained in detail everything that went into the process that took to get the 

job done.  You have a customer for LIFE!  Now my friends are totally jealous..  LOL  

Thank you C&D Plating! 

- Tom Sparks