Frequently Asked Questions

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C & D Custom Plating and Polshing gets a lot of questions asked! Have a look below, do you see a question you may have that is not answered? Call us today, we can help!

Q: What is the cost of having C & D Custom Plating and Polsihing to do work for me?
A: Each job is very unique, having said that, pricing is quite competitive and all our work is Guaranteed.

Q:I'm out of state, can you help me too?
A: Yes we can! Many of our clients not only are out of the State but also out of the Country! Please contact us for more details.

​Q: How long does this usually take, I don't have a lot of time?
A: Some of our clients are really pressed for time due to deadlines or whatever the reason.What we don't do is cut corners, our line of work requires a specific order in order to get the quality that we're known for. We do offer a rush package, for more details call us, we can help!

Q: Will chrome plating hide defects in my metal part?

A: Unlike paint and powder coating, chrome will not cover or hide any defects in the metal. Chrome plating conforms to the surface of the part. It's why surface preparation is so very important to the plating process. What you see before plating is what you get after plating.

Q:Do you plate pot metal?

A: Yes, we plate pot metal. It's a tough metal to plate and its preparation for plating is labor intensive. Successfully plating pot metal depends on the condition of the part we have to work with. Condition is also a big factor in price so we can only estimate a cost over the phone.  We must see your parts before we are able to give you a price. In some cases, because of the labor involved or the part is past saving, replacing the part may be cheaper than plating. Another note about pot metal: plan ahead. It is time consuming work and labor intensive which requires a longer turn-around time.

Q: Why is my chrome turning yellow -OR- Why won't my chrome shine anymore?

A: Your chrome may be dull or turning yellow for a couple of reasons. The first might be a poor plating job. The second reason could be from using an abrasive chrome polish that, over time, has scratched the chrome right off your part. Once the nickel is exposed, it will tarnish (turn yellow). Replating is necessary in either case. 

Q: ​My part is chipped, do you have to replate the whole part?

A: We sure do. The plating process lays down one continuous layer of metal. To repair chips and scratches on any part the entire piece needs to be stripped and replated.

Q: What can I do to get my part ready for plating?

A: Clean your parts by removing grease and dirt. DO NOT sandblast your parts and DO NOT use a wire wheel on your parts. Both methods of stripping the metal leaves a very rough surface requiring much more labor to correct.

Q: Can you plate my rims and bumpers?

A: Yes, we plate motorcycle rims and bumpers.  We only plate motorcycle rims and can plate most bumpers.

Q: Is it cheaper to polish my own parts?

A: No. Most often, we have to undo damage caused by sand blasting or inexperienced polish work (which ends up costing you more). We'd really prefer you send us a clean surface (free of grease and dirt) rather than try to prep it for plating.